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what we offer

complementary consultation

During your complimentary consultation, you will meet with our Coordinating Physical Therapist and discuss your health history, concerns, and goals.  Together you will draft an individualized treatment plan tailored for your lifestyle and budget. 

Schedule your complimentary Consultation here.

Massage Therapy

Chicagoans are exposed to constant drastic changes in temperature, frequent barometric pressure spikes and drops, humidity and wind. All these factors can have a great effect on every system of the body. Fatigue, joint and muscle aches, headaches, lack of energy, indigestion to name a few - are very common symptoms. We developed a few special treatments that can help to alleviate the discomfort and to support your body during these weather changes.

Super Meridian Treatment restores your body's electricity by fine-tuning all your electric pathways, opens up the space between your joints, and supports the immune system. This treatment includes acupuncture/cupping, stretching, and naprapathic treatment, and it lasts for 2.5 hrs total time. You can repeat it up to 4 times per month.

Therapeutic Wellness Massage alleviates all the muscular tightness and stiffness caused by the barometric pressure and temperature changes. The treatment includes a 15 min posture and muscle length analysis performed by a physical therapist, followed by a 75 min therapeutic massage, that's tailored specifically to address your tightest and stiffest areas. At least once a month type of treatment.

Schedule your Special Treatment Session here

Super Meridian Treatment

  • Single session


  • Package of 5

$1345 (save $100)

Therapeutic Wellness Massage

  • Single session


  • Package of 5

$950 (save $45)

screening at wellness club

During your screening session, our Physical Therapist will perform a Functional Movement Screen to get a deeper understanding of your body alignment so we can individualize and tailor the treatment specifically for you. With your consent, this information may be shared with other providers in your treatment plan, such as a massage therapist, Pilates trainer, etc., and if necessary we'll have a team of highly qualified specialists working together under a close supervision of your Physical Therapist.

Schedule your Screening Session here.


  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen)


  • COMERA Screen



Physical Therapy, Dry Needling,  MET Joint Mobilization

Our Physical Therapists are highly trained and work in conjunction with the rest of the specialists in the Wellness Club. An integrated approach is used throughout the entire treatment. Your Physical Therapist will use all known techniques and modalities to speed up your recovery and alleviate any discomfort and may also recommend other specialists and treatments outside of the Physical Therapy scope for best results.


We always see our patients one-on-one and for a full hour!

Schedule your Physical Therapy Initial Consultation here.

physical therapy wellness club
  • Initial Consultation 1hr 


  • Follow-Up Session 1hr

  • Follow-Up Session 30min

  • Package of 5

  • Package of 10



1hr $650

1hr $1250

30min $350

30min $650



Naprapathy is a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue and adjoining structures and by dietary measures that is held to facilitate the recuperative and regenerative processes of the body. Naprapathy, a health profession mainly practiced in Sweden, Finland, Norway and in the USA, is characterized by a combination of manual musculoskeletal manipulations, aiming to decrease pain and disability in the neuromusculoskeletal system, reduce headaches, alleviate chronic joint and muscular pains. The treatment is very gentle on the body, effective and creates long-lasting effects.

Schedule your Naprapathy Initial Consultation here.

  • Initial Consultation & Follow-Up 90min


  • Follow-Up Session 1hr


  • Package of 5

1hr $650

90min $1000

  • Package of 10

1hr $1250

90min $1950

Massage Northbrook

Massage + Cupping + Acupressure + Trigger Point + Lymphatic Drainage + Fascial Release + Pregnancy Massage + Aromatherapy

Manual Therapy consists of a variety of different ancient and modern healing practices. Today, at the local gym or SPA, the list of services will have at least 3 or 4 different types of a massage that would be priced accordingly. But which one do you choose if you are stressed and tight at the same time? Swedish or Deep Tissue? Do you need Cupping, should you add aromatherapy? It's all confusing, isn't it? 


At the Wellness Club we got you covered. We combined everything we know into a "What your body needs TODAY" type of a treatment that is tailored exactly to your specific needs, and is done by our highly educated and experienced Licensed Massage Therapists. We call it a Therapeutic Massage.


You can schedule your  All-in-One Therapeutic Massage here.

  • Therapeutic Massage

1hr  $125

90min  $175

  • 5 sessions

1hr  $550

90min  $850

  • 10 sessions

1hr  $1050

90min  $1650

  • Cupping (fascia release, cellulite)

30min $65

  • 10 sessions

$585 (1 Free)

  • Lymphatic Drainage

1hr $135

  • 10 sessions


Tropical Leaves

Therapeutic Pilates can be applied to restore a good posture, address body alignment issues (such as scoliosis or imbalances caused by asymmetric sports activities), and as a post physical therapy maintenance protocol.

Our highly knowledgeable pilates trainers are qualified to work even with our most complicated patients.

Our studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art STOTT Pilates machines for a fun and flawless workout. All programs are can be integrated with your physical therapy treatment.


You can book an individual session in-person, as well as an online one-on-one training, or come for a small group class and enjoy doing pilates with your friends or a partner.

Schedule your Therapeutic Pilates Session/Class here.

Pilates, STOTT Pilates
  • Therapeutic Pilates reformer 1hr


  • 5 sessions


  • 10 sessions


  • Plates Mat Duet 1h


  • 5 sessions


  • 10 sessions


  • Group Class 1hr


  • 5 sessions


  • 10 sessions


  • Therapeutic Pilates can be integrated into your Physical Therapy program. Ask for more details.


Acupuncture is an ancient technique that is thousands of years old. It has survived over the centuries and different civilizations because of its effectiveness. A simple tiny steel needle has mesmerized many practitioners with its enormous complexity and healing powers. It has shown the world that every tissue, muscle and organ is connected and works in synergy. 

Between the powerful Chinese herbs and the tiny needles, your tight hamstrings, painful joints and sluggish gallbladders will start singing the songs of praise for the improved function!

We have two more specialties that are raising the eyebrows, LITERALLY! 

Facial Contouring Acupuncture, and Avazzia lifting facial -  loosens the tight muscles around your face, scalp and neck, stimulates the muscles that are affected by gravity to tone them up for a lifting effect, softens the appearance of the wrinkle lines, and is definitely a healthiest and one of the most effective alternatives to Botox.

Schedule your Acupuncture Session here.


Medical Intuitive Screening by Dr Isabel Munoz

  • Eastern Integrative Medicine Consultation (90min)


  • Follow up session (1hr)


  • Follow up session (90 min)


  • Follow-Up Session (45min)


  • 10 sessions (1hr)


  • 10 sessions (45min)


  • 10 sessions (90min)



  • Consultation (1hr)


  • Follow up session (1 hr)


  • Follow up session (90min)


  • 5 sessions (1hr)


  • 10 sessions (1hr)



  • 1 hr treatment


  • 90 min treatment


  • 5 treatments


  • 10 treatments



Light and magnetic field have a long history of successful healing applications. A lot of modern studies show promising results such as increased blood circulation, reduced inflammation, improved hormonal balance, reduced anxiety and stress, weight loss, and many other benefits. 

Schedule your Infrared Light Therapy / PEMF Session here.

infrared light therapy, PEMF
  • Cold laser therapy


  • Functional electrostim/ biofeedback


  • Infrared Light (Bio Mat)


nutrition ad supplements

Nutrition is a popular subject nowadays. You hear from every corner - eat this! Eat that! Gluten is bad! No dairy! carbs! meat! sugar! fat! fruits are too sweet! Skip diner! Skip breakfast!..... And everyone all of a sudden gets super excited about one "magic pill" formula, only to jump for another crazy trend the next day.

Ever wondered if diet and nutrition might be sort of a personal thing, that's unique and different for everyone? That's right - no magic pill. 

Our holistic dietician listens to your body and your health history and helps you to adjust your diet step by step and to create a perfect formula that would fit your story and not the Insta feed.

Schedule your Nutrition Consultation here.

  • Complementary consultation 15min

  • Initial assessment (90-115min)


  • Follow up nutrition counseling (55min)


  • Package of 5 Follow Up Sessions (55min)


  • Package of 10 Follow Up Sessions (55min)


energy healing

Psychotherapy + Astrology + Reiki + Akashic Records + Theta Healing 

At the Wellness Club, we believe that physical body is a reflection of our soul, psyche, energetical and metaphysical or spiritual bodies as well as the karmic print. If you can't see the electric current, it doesn't mean that it does not exist, right? Opening your mind to unknown, can help you get to the core of your struggles and to find your way to healing.

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."- Roald Dahl

We encourage you to believe in magic and to manifest your dreams into your life!

Schedule your Reiki / Theta Healing session here.

  • Initial Reiki, Energy Healing Consultation

$175  75min

  • Follow up Basic Reiki & intuitive guidance session 

$150  1hr

  • 5 sessions

$700  1hr

  • 10 sessions

$1400  1hr

  • Lux Reiki (crystals, aromatherapy, Biomat infrared light therapy)

$175  60 min

  • 5 sessions

$825  60 min

  • 10 sessions

$1635  60 min (1 free)

  • Theta Healing


  • Theta Healing for your home


Tropical Leaves
wellness retreats, wellness club

When the Wellness Club hits the road, naturally it has to be a work-life balance type of a vacation. A perfect combination of nature, sightseeing, organic local wine, homecooked food, light exercise, SPA and treatments, enough rest, lots of scenery and fun fun fun - everything that life has to offer for one to be healthy and happy! Who wouldn't want that? 

Once the situation with Covid 19 settles down, we are going to stock up on essential oils and vitamins to support our immune systems and hit the road again!!! Stay tuned! 

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