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My story that developed into theWellness Club

Veronica Shakhnis 


Hello! My name is Veronica Shakhnis and I created the Wellness Club because I believe in an integrative holistic approach, preventative care and complex rehabilitation.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, STOTT Pilates Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Kinetic Control and Matrix Specialist, and a FMS Specialist.


Going through life with scoliosis and coming from place to place, from specialist to specialist, from X-Rays to MRIs, from being in pain all the time in my 20s and 30s to being symptom free in my 40s, and being a specialist myself and treating patients and clients with similar issues, I learned that there is no single treatment that will work for everyone, but rather there is a whole range of techniques and modalities that can make a huge difference if applied in the right order and combination.

Twelve years of successful collaboration with Still Water Physical Therapy & Massage and Leanne Reed, DPT, grew into the Wellness Club today, where we can offer a complete preventative and holistic treatment and recovery system that really works!

I am immensely happy today to be a part of the wonderful Wellness Club team and to be able to offer a superior care and treatment to our patients and clients.

what I do for fun:

My favorite thing is traveling and taking beautiful pictures on the road.

I graduated from College of Music, Lviv, Ukraine in 1999 with an associate of arts degree as a choir conductor and a pianist. I do play piano sometimes as a form of meditation.

I enjoy walking and running outdoors with my golden doodle Yuna, we also love going to the beach together in the summer. Gardening is my other hobby that Yuna likes to share with me. I plant flowers and she digs them out..

I also love reading books, meeting new people, watching nature and painting.

wellness club team
wellness club retreat
wellness club team
wellness club retreat
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