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Cupping and Raw Honey Techniques

In addition to deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques, I love to use trigger point release technique along with cupping and raw honey. Every body needs a slightly different approach. Some benefit from Muscle Energy Technique and some only need a light massage with some aromatherapy to calm the mind so the body can relax. But I haven't seen a single person that wouldn't respond well to cupping technique paired with a nutrient rich raw honey.


Tissue Distraction Release (TDR) - is a cupping technique where the cup is not left on one spot but is moved different directions instead. It helps to release tight fascia, increase blood circulation, bring more oxygen to the tissue, relax tight muscles and also to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is a safe and a very effective technique. 

Raw Honey technique is thousands of years old. Only good quality raw honey can be used, so when it gets absorbed to your skin it can help the healing process by bringing the nutrients under the skin and helping the immune system by the anti-inflammatory properties found in only raw honey.


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