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Long path to  Healing Mastery


Jeremy Remmy, LMT


 Jeremy’s path of finding his purpose took him from technical engineering into the field of healing profession as Massage Therapist in his 40s. He did not only fall in love with this profession, he also found a very creative and powerful way to combine together his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities in his own unique wholesome way.

Soon after graduating from Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2000, Jeremy started to work at “The Way to Optimal Health”clinic, owned by the renowned Dr. Darren Weissman. During this time he witnessed and participated in the birth of the new, simple and profound healing approach - the “LifeLine technique”, created by Dr. Weissman. In the next 9 years of practicing there Jeremy learned a lot from the talented fellow clinicians and developed his special modality of integrative bodywork with great success and consistency.

For the next 12 years, Jeremy's practice continued growing and evolving with the wonderful team of Still Water Physical Therapy and Wellness. 

Over more than 20 years of passionate work in Massage Therapy field, and learning many Western and Eastern massage techniques, Jeremy kept studying and practicing with many Spiritual Institutions (like the Monroe Institute), healers and Masters. Almost everything that Jeremy has learned, was implemented into his nurturing touch, on multiple levels of connection with many hundreds of his grateful clients.


Working with patients of almost any age and condition, Jeremy is always ready to help and support by naturally applying his intuition, listening skills, creative and knowledgeable use of aromatherapy, hot stones, sound healing and many other tools.

Jeremy’s patients experience regularly the spontaneous process of touch and spiritual communication. Most important is that Jeremy is fully aware of the presence of Divine help and support.  


The massage session with Jeremy is unique every time and reaches to the roots of his patient's current known and hidden issues. Regardless of the different methods and techniques used, the results are usually similar: the elevated state of body-mind-spirit awareness; peaceful, resourceful, and clear mind; lots of high vibrational energy; happy feelings; confidence, ease, and comfort in the body movement.


what I do for fun:

Jeremy loves spending time with his wife Nataliya, his family and pets. He enjoys connecting with the nature, being outdoors and travel. Jeremy also likes to teach and to pass on his knowledge to others, he often gives wonderful lectures.

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