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My name is Veronica Shakhnis, and I created The Wellness Club, because I believe that integrative and collaborative approach is a beautiful, the most non-invasive and efficient way to reach the highest living potential. 


20 years of experience working with people's pain, injuries, limitations as a STOTT and clinical Pilates Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Massage Therapist, Kinetic Control Specialist and Muscle Energy Specialist, and many successful stories and amazing transformations have taught me a few most important rules:

1. There is NO QUICK FIX


3. Our physical body is a mirror of our mind, soul and spirit.


The physical body is a genius, self-curing and ever-changing reflection of one's inner self (mind, soul and spirit). If we are looking for a REAL long-term change - we have to look closely and address all aspects of our being. When the old limitations shatter and a true physical and spiritual potential gets unlocked, the quality of life improves in very surprising and mesmerizing ways! 

Our highly knowledgeable and talented team works in a unison to help you find your unique path to physical and spiritual healing.


Have a great time becoming and shining the


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